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Founded in October, 1997 (Currently in Japanese only)

This is an organization run by volunteers studying the translation of literature for children from various languages into Japanese. We have many activities to enhance communication and discussion about children's books. Anybody with a passion for translation and literature for children is welcome. "Yamaneko" means "wildcat" taken from the beloved Japanese story, "Acorns and Wildcat" by Kenji Miyazawa.

Main Activities (primarily conducted over the Internet):

  • E-zines: We provide the latest and most crucial news in children's literature to our subscribers through four e-zines (Japanese language only): "Children's Literature Translation (Monthly)", "Children's Literature Translation Alpha (Monthly)", "Children's Book News", and "Weekly Yamaneko ACTIVATOR".
  • Major Award Listings: We maintain up-to-date listings of books that have won major children's book awards in the US, UK and other countries, including information on Japanese translations, where available.
  • Themed Study:
    • Picture Book Translation Contest Review: After major translation contests in Japan, participants mutually critique submitted translations.
    • Book Translation: Participants translate a selected book for discussion and mutual critique.
    • Synopsis Study Session: Participants prepare a synopsis of a book (beginners are assigned a specific title, while intermediate level readers, choose their own) for discussion and critique.
    • Author Bibliography Compilation: Participants learn how to compile a complete bibliography of one selected author. They start from a thorough research of the selected author, list up all the author's published books, and create an HTML file for use as a web page. They can master the basic knowledge of how to make a web site.
  • Reading Marathon:
    • Carnegie Award and Newbery Award Reading Marathon: Members read as many award-winning books as possible by a given deadline for mutual discussion.
    • Fantasy Marathon: Members read as many of the listed books as possible.
  • Round Table Talk: Round Table Talk with professional translators and/or editors (approximately once a year).
  • Children and Books: To better enjoy sharing books with children, we exchange information on storytelling events at our onsite BBS, and publish webpages on various experiences of reading with children.
  • Other events: Group visits to children's book illustration exhibitions, specialty children's bookstores, and other children's literature-related events.
Those willing to study conduct all of the educational activities of the Yamaneko Honyaku Club voluntarily. Ideas for new study groups are brought up in discussions at the Study Room BBS. Anyone who has formally studied translation may hold a study session, posting to gather willing participants from the club members.

General Inquiry: or our English BBS

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